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original date 10/05/06

I was watching Fox and Friends this morning, as I do every morning and the topic of Fred Phelps came up. Fred Phelps as you may or may not know is a Baptist Christian. He is a radical far right leader of a radical far right Baptist Christian church. There. I said it. I could be wrong but I think Tucker Carlson said it. Or possibly something along those lines. But Steve Doocy didn't say it. This morning. He ALMOST said it. He really did. He tried to say it. But ultimately he couldn't. He opened his mouth and the words "far rr..." came bumbling out and in mid-syllable he suddenly aborted the phrase. It was disturbing and sad.

I whispered to the television "You can say it, Steve.". But still all that was uttered was "far rr...". It occured to me that this phrase is hardly ever uttered on Fox News. Personally I've never heard it, uttered by anybody. And I'm someone who watches a painful lot of FoxNews. I'm almost shocked to learn that in Steve Doocy's world there is such a thing. There must be, because he almost said it. Yes, Fred Phelps is part of the radical far right. So is Pat Robertson and so is Jerry Falwell. As surely as there is a far left there is also a far right. And Steve Doocy knows it.

Steve Doocy also went on to educate all of America with the fact that this church of Fred Phelps', even though it is a Baptist Christian church, it isn't really a regular Baptist church. Most of us are aware that while the Baptists are notoriously bigotted and insufferable most are not quite as heinous as Fred Phelps and his congregation. Fred's church is more like Baptist teachings gone buck wild. But still Steve was reluctant to call it an example of the radical far right. To him Fred is just "far rr...". And that's satisfactory. I really shouldn't be surprised.

The delusions of this network are many. In fact just the other night BOR listed Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who happens to be a child predator, as D-FL. As if a strategically placed typo can change the fact that this man is a card carrying Republican and only Republicans are going to suffer over this scandal. As we speak they are desperately searching for a way to insinuate that some Democrat was solely responsible for hiding this information and bringing it to light at the perfect opportune moment. Then they can therefore declare that somehow Democrats are responsible for sheltering Mark Foley for several years and should be punished for facilitating his pathological sickness.

Not only is that insane, but it would hardly change the facts of the story if it were at all plausible. So The Factor just did what they could to console their conservative fans. For a few moments th Factor could pretend that all of this was just a bad dream and Mark Foley was really a Democrat and Fox & Friends could pretend that Fred Phelps is part of a mythical radical far rr...
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