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Fox and Foes

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original date 1/13/07

Another happy morning watching Fox and Friends was had by all this week. Never has it been so entertaining as with the new addition of Gretchen Carlson who I must say is charming.

While she certainly is no E.D. Hill lacking E.D.'s high intelligence and her general poise and charisma, Gretchen does still bring a sophmoric comedy to the morning show. For instance, Gretchen giggles like a girl on her first date for a full minute after announcing the words Sandy Burger. It's bizarre for sure but still somehow funny. And yet I can't help but be slightly disturbed by the nagging suspicion that she's descending into a Sylvia Plath-like madness on the air. I will however, choose to enjoy it until she has an obvious meltdown on camera.

Another thing that is both funny, and as well, may prove to be ultimately tragic, is her strange proclaimations of being driven "bonkers" and having her mind "boggled" by left of center people and views. Obviously, it doesn't take much for Gretchen to become discombobulated, and she's not afraid to say so. Refreshing.

While I'm sure our "friends" at Fox hired this strange creature to be pippy and annoying to lefties (as John Gibson affectionately refers to everyone left of Tom Coburn) instead we find her a fun little enigmatic component to the show. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Gretchen will recover her marbles or dive head first off the deep end. The Sandy Burger episode was especially compelling as it took an extraordinary amount of time for her to collect herself after mentioning his name.

That being said I do believe that Brian Kilmeade (that sports-loving teddy bear turned red-faced conservative blowhard) has lost a few marbles recently.

During a recent morning show he looked face full at the camera into our living room and delivered a spitting angry rant about Iran. Apparently Iran has sprung up out of the depths of the ocean and has posed a never before seen threat to our military and our nation. My God. Where HAS Iran been all this time? We're in year 3 of the fighting in Iraq and Brian is only now alerting us to the fact that Iran is weaving it's evil spell RIGHT NEXT DOOR? At just the very moment that George Bush must actually haggle the new congress for more money? I found myself not so much concerned about this newly discovered, dire threat as I was about that silly half-wit sports guy ranting about it in the camera @ 7:30 in the morning.

What concerns me is that Brian is obviously mentally unwell and the money whores at Fox use his condition for our entertainment. Shame.
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