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The Artful Tango

Fox and Foes Cont'd

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The Artful Tango

Fox and Foes Cont'd

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original date 1/13/07

On to Steve Doocy, who even though he is immature and emotionally stunted, as evidenced by his propensity to speak in cartoon voices, is often the most reasonable of the three of them. It seems he is spending way too much time in that FoxNews-created fantasy world.

As I relayed in an earlier posting, he once aborted the phrase "radical far right" in mid sentence so as not to further disturb his co-hosts and viewers. But at least then he was acting merely as a soothing presence for them as it seems to me that most of them are in fragile mental condition. But at least HE knew that outside the station a radical far right did indeed exist.

But this week he too delivered a Brian Kilmeade type rant. This one was about connecting the dots. Really, it was quite literally about connecting the dots for us all. And just like Brian, he looked full face into the camera to deliver his bizarre little speech complete with the above mentioned, disturbing cartoon voices. I'm quite certain that if the graphics department at Fox and Friends offered to design Steve a diagram with a bouncing ball he would have eagerly accepted.

Unfortunately for us it was just him and camera C (or whatever). So he proceeded to connect dots from minimum wage exemptions to American Samoa to Starkist Tuna to San Francisco to Nancy Pelosi's doorstep. See the connection? Apparently fans of Fox and Friends don't and must rely on Steve Doocy to connect the dots for them. I suppose many of them never played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon either. But they should. I've got one for Steve. From tax Breaks, to Iraq, to Halliburton, to Texas, to George W. Bush and all the big oil he's in bed with. I imagine connecting the dots can explain alot of things. From George W Bush to Texas, to Enron, to Ken Lay, to Ken Lay's conviction, to his phoney death report on Fox News, to the VIP witness protection program, to the Lays living large in Malta on stolen money.

This is fun.
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