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The Artful Tango

Page Hopkins sits on Greg Kelly

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The Artful Tango

Page Hopkins sits on Greg Kelly

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original date 1/22/07

The weekend edition of Fox and Friends was actually quite physical this past weekend, when Page Hopkins disturbed us all by flailing and writhing in her chair in some sort of inexplicable fit of strangeness. This is the sort of thing I usually like to watch with the sound off. But on this occasion, I could hear her doing what can only be described as a very bad impersonation of a drunken Paula Abdul, who some time earlier had been a gracious guest of Brian Kilmeade. After airing Paula's interview, on Fox and Friends weekend edition, what followed was a very long and quite awkward bit of Page's hapless humor. At one point, she actually left her seat and SAT on a shocked and annoyed Greg Kelly. I think he even murmered "don't", as he was faced with the sudden realization that she was actually going to attempt to crush him with her weight. Greg clearly, as did all of America, understood the present danger that was afoot. Greg Kelly looked alot more scared than Chris Wallace ever did. And no one at the entire channel has defended him since the incident. Nor has the station called for an apology from Ms. Hopkins.

Bill O'Reilly has brought it to America's attention that Rosie O'Donnell has also made some unkind inferences to Paula's alleged drinking problem.

Bill is wondering how much more of Rosie, with her meanness and her sky high ratings ABC can possibly take. Hmmm. That is an intelligent question. I'm guessing, quite a bit.

Bill seems to think that ABC nor all of America can tolerate Rosie and her opinions for much longer. Bill and his guest discussed that high ratings don't actually mean that a personality is well-liked. He even pointed himself out, on that note. And he may have a point. I watch as much Factor as I can stand which is amazingly quite alot. I think I watch it MORE than people who actually LIKE Bill. But I don't know if I'm buying that theory. I still think most people watch people they like.

But America does actually like Rosie.

Rosie just does her job amusing us and provoking deep thought and making us love her. She gives comfort to women everywhere in the spirit of Oprah and Martha and Hilary. America loves powerful women. It's just a modern fact of life.

Now Bill of course, has never spent one moment being America's Sweetheart so he has no way to fully understand the romance of this dynamic. But Rosie HAS had that crown on her head. Rosie's a mom first. A great feminist role model, second. And face it, belligerent sisters all over the world enjoy the whole Rosie vibe.

Besides all that, Rosie didn't actually sit on Elisabeth Hasselbeck. And that makes her A-OK.
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