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The Artful Tango

I'd Like to be Sure...

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before I announce to everyone that Kiran Chetry has been replaced on Fox and Friends weekend edition. While Kiran has been a perfectly effective Bimbo in the Middle for awhile, it was becoming apparent to me at least, that, she was beginning to see herself as so much more as a journalist. It's been obvious, that she has important things to say. At the very least, I can guess, she'd like to wear a knee-length skirt on a chilly day and maybe even the occasional pair of trousers. And so move on she must.

We at the Prattle would be very surprised if her replacement, this weekend, Courtney Friel, would want a longer skirt anytime in the near future. That should be a great relief to the producers at Fox. Her neckline as it is, is much higher than any she's worn on air in the past. That's quite enough clothing, thank you very much.

Having covering nothing other than the glibbest of entertainment news, she seems to have no lofty journalistic ambitions and that, as well, should make Fox happy.

Courtney seems to not at all mind reading the silly teleprompter and take nary a notice that it does actually say "Kelly Sandwich". She even moves her shoulders in a sort of erotic motion when she says the words "Kell-ee Sand-wich", inviting us all to just consider her the smooth peanut butter between those two healthy slices of nutritious journalistic bread known as Kelly Wright and Greg Kelly.

Hoo-Ray!! Weekend Edition of Fox and Friends is back with a bounce!!
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