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The Artful Tango

FoxNews covers VP Cheney's Hunting Trip

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The Artful Tango

FoxNews covers VP Cheney's Hunting Trip

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Original date Feb 14, 2006

Vice President Cheney was involved in what can only be accurately described as a hilarious misunderstanding Saturday afternoon while hunting quail on a friends' ranch. A hunting companion, Whittington, a lawyer, apparently engaged in some dare-devil antics by slithering behind the VP and making dangerous bird calls in the brush. Believing him to be a very large, dancing bird wearing an orange vest, the VP pelted him with a light, refreshing spray of shrapnel about the face, neck and chest. Boy, did they all ever have a good hearty chuckle over that. Whittington, our eyewitness reports, was in very high spirits as he thanked the VP profusely and then made a quick plan to "do this again real soon" before hopping on his motor scooter like a forest sprite and zipping to a nearby hospital.

After assessing minor injuries and inconsequential heart disturbances, Whittington was upgraded to intensive care. "Mr Whittington enjoyed the champagne and heated tea towels. He even showed some of the nurses how to do the Hustle." said a hospital representative.

Our hunting expert, Jake Carter, informs us that this sort of thing happens often in the field. "It happens nearly everyday during huntin' season. People just shrug it off." says Carter. "For most people, it's a rather enjoyable experience. They're just little pellets. Gettin' sprayed has all the benefits of a deep tissue massage."
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